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IAO Member Benefits in Ontario

When you become a member of the IAO Ontario Section, you gain access to many advantages. Our orthodontic member benefits in Ontario include:

Practice or office benefits:

Access to promotional media for your practice website.

Access to IAO Market and Corporate Accounts.

Save on Equipment, Software and related expenses through the IAO market.

No-cost access to Caserworx (Orthodontic planning software.)

Get added to the 'Find a Doctor Site' site, which increases the scope of your practice.

Education benefits:

Access to over 130 IAO Certified Instructors across the world offering education in Orthodontics.

Discounted access to the IAO Annual Meeting, which includes helpful courses.

Access to our one-on-one IAO Mentorship program.

Access to the ADA CERP Certified Online CE Program.

The IAO Professional Advancement membership encourages continued education with exclusive courses and certifications to promote improved practices.

Publication benefits:

You get subscriptions for the International Journal of Orthodontics (IJO) and Straight Talk newsletter.

You get included in the Annual IAO Worldwide Directory and Referral Guide.

You can digitally access older editions of the International Journal of Orthodontics.

You get a discounted subscription for CRANIO®, the Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice.

As you provide orthodontic and dental treatment in your clinic or office, it is interesting to network with colleagues who also practice orthodontics. We share the same goal as The International Association for Orthodontics, which is continuing education in orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, sleep apnea and TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction).

To become a member, please contact us

Join IAO Ontario Section

We would be happy to have you join our community of practitioners of orthodontics.

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