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Dental Professional Advancement in Ontario: Program Overview

IAO Ontario Section offers a complete Professional Advancement Program for practitioners of orthodontics in Ontario. Our program is designed to encourage continued learning through a tier system that is accessible to our members. Our advancement program consists of four levels that signify membership levels. You can climb the tier system by having continuing education hours on record with the Continuing Education Course Recording Program (all levels), successful presentation of completed orthodontic cases (Fellow, Diplomate), and passing both the written and clinical components of the rigorous IBO Diplomate Exam (Diplomate).

Program Overview

The membership levels are:


All of our dentist members begin at the associate level when they become members with us.


This is the second tier of membership, for which you must submit a minimum of 150 hours of orthodontic or related education to Headquarters, Active Professional Advancement Application and an application fee of US $30.00.


This is the third tier to apply for which you must submit the Fellow Professional Advancement Application, an application fee of US $45.00, and documentation for a minimum of 300 hours of CDE to Headquarters.


This top-tier membership is achieved by members who have submitted documentation for at least 500 CDE hours, achieved all prior membership levels, passed the written examination for Diplomate Status, and successfully presented ten completed cases (five of which must be two years post active treatment).

Advance Your Skills and Practice

By continuing education and joining IOA Ontario Section, you can improve your dental practice.

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