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Instructions and Orthodontic Seminars in Ontario

At IAO Ontario Section, we are dedicated to the promotion of orthodontic education in Ontario. As a part of our Professional Advancement Program, we offer instruction and orthodontic seminars that serve as 'fast track' sessions for those who are interested in the program. However, these courses, by themselves, don't enable you to advance levels. You must meet the obligations of each tier. Participants are free to choose the session they want to attend.

Course Outline

An overview of our course sessions:

Session 1; TBD

This course involves getting better at the fundamentals, such as maintaining good records, crafting a treatment plan with a clear goal in mind and how to anticipate and avoid curveballs during the course of treatment.

Session 2; TBD

We will get you acquainted with Caseworx and Cephworx. Caseworx is a record organization software, while Cephworx is an electronic cephalometric tracing program.

Session 3; TBD

We will introduce you to newer techniques and more efficient ways of handling certain cases to generate successful outcomes.

Session 4; TBD

We will support you in enhancing your career, including the possibility of you becoming a mentor. The purpose is to align candidates with the specifications and requirements of becoming an IAO Certified Instructor.

Instructor Sessions for Professional Advancement

We conduct regular seminars to help you choose the right career path and advance your practice.

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